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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

.He's 18 Months for a Moment.

In all honesty he is now eighteen months and three weeks. . .


The days really do blur into weeks and into months, and it all just happens so, so fast.

I don't want to forget this moment though.


I want to remember forever his sweet little voice singing along to the Christian radio. He doesn't care what the words are supposed to be or who hears his sweet song. He just sings. And sings. And sings. I haven't captured it with my camera yet, but I just love how he raises his chubby hands high in the air. It's as if he is already worshiping. Maybe he is? My heart has captured those moments and tucked them away, and perhaps someday I will have tangible pictures to match.

I don't want to forget the moment when he {finally} started walking and now is almost running. He amazes me.

He still only displays four teeth. The top teeth are just precious and HUGE. I cannot help but giggle at his little body with the big teeth. Adorable.


I want to remember Scotty learning to identify the parts of his body. His nose. His ears. His eyes. So eager to please, so happy to learn. Such a sweet, sweet little doll of a boy.


This boy of mine continues to be sensitive and tender - just a wonderful concoction of sweetness.


But this month we are seeing something new - stubbornness and masculinity. He loves to wrestle with daddy and "vroom" his trucks. He growls and grunts and makes very much little boy noises, which delight and charm and boggle his mommy. He makes his will known in big, big ways. He is dramatic and persistent.


And silly. Oh my how silly this boy can be. He will do almost anything to get us laughing. There are moments when I laugh so hard my sides ache and my cheeks are damp with giggle tears.
Yet, we take him into public and he withdraws and cowers and is so calm and quiet. He takes after his mommy so very much. I fear I will not know how to foster this in a male. I pray fervently about this for my little boy.


He loves books and music and trucks and tractors. He is very mechanical - taking things apart and putting them back together - from blocks to sippy cups to Mommy's pots and pans.

He adores Cadi, whom he often refers to as "sissy". However, he does not tolerate being babied by her any longer. He yells and screams to make his thoughts known on the coddling and mothering that she gives him. Then two minutes later he is rubbing her back and patting her cheek. Their love for one another is intense and real. But they both need their space, and I am learning how to deal with and help them through their needs to be individuals and not always a sibling pair.


Scotty is going through stranger anxiety very late. He cries every Sunday when I leave him in the nursery. That is usually the only time I am ever away from him. It is rare for us to not be together. Sundays are hard on us both, and it is good for us both.


He still reaches out to hold my hand after I tuck him in. He still finds that sweet spot in my neck and snuggles in. He and I have a special and unique bond. It takes all of my strength not to run to him and cradle him every time he falls. I am learning to balance cuddling a boy and letting him grow and knowing what to do when. It's hard. It is really hard with such a sweet, tender boy.

He is sunshine and joy, and he has taught me so very much as a first time mommy to a boy. I am amazed by him everyday, and I count him as one of life's sweetest blessings.


This boy is not my world, but he surely has made my world a little brighter.



Arizona Mamma said...

What a sweet face. I must say, this puts me at ease about my son's teeth. He was 18 months on the 22nd, and he has 6 teeth. I was wondering if that was too slow. My daughter got hers much quicker.

Heather said...

This is a sweet post! That is so cute that he raises his hands in the air when he sings!

The Anglin Family said...

He is so stinkin cute. Precious!!!!

Tammy ~ Country Girl at Home ~ said...

Oh Tiffany....he's so handsome...just look at those blue eyes! I really love that black and white picutre! What a sweet post and I can tell how much you treasure being a mom...which is just about the highest calling there is and definitely the most blessed! Enjoy your little guy everyday! :)


Theresa said...

Oh, be still my heart! :o) He is too cute! I'm looking forward to seeing him run!

Stephanie said...

Such a sweet post and such a sweet boy! Cherish every moment!

Anonymous said...

SOOOO sweet! He is the same age as Ash!

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