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I read every single email, every single story that you send me. I have cried and I have laughed as our stories have collided. I try, pretty unsuccessfully to keep up with my email and respond to each one, although it does typically take me some time. My family lives in a third world country, and our wifi is temperamental at best. I just beg grace and patience as I am a wife, mommy, and missionary - and that always comes first.

A Moment Cherished {the blog}


I have chosen to use the Disqus system for commenting, in hopes that it makes commenting easier for you. You don’t need a Disqus profile to leave a comment. My readers can choose to be a guest commentator, or use Facebook Connect or your Twitter account to sign in.  Commenters will be notified by email when people reply to your comments. Then all you need to do is send a reply email to leave another comment.

My desire is not to write for comments. I long just to write, for me, for my children, and ultimately for my Savior - He is and always will be my audience of One. I pray that everything I write points back to the ultimate Author. If my words encourage you and resonate in your heart, that can only be of God. I do so enjoy reading your comments (I read each one), and I enjoy responding as time allows. There is no pressure to ever communicate with me - through comments or otherwise, though. If you would rather read and move on, please do so and enjoy. 

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