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.Meet Tiffany.

Hi, I'm Tiffany, and I am happy that you landed here.

I am my husband's Sweetheart, my childrens' Mommy, a writer and seeker of creativity. I am a music lover, but I cannot carry a tune or move to a beat. I am a true introvert and prefer to be behind a screen or a book, but I am learing to expose myself more....still working on answering the phone or the doorbell. I am an orphan advocate, a lover of all things Africa, a coffee drinker, and a Jesus follower with a bleeding heart for the underdogs in this world. I think social justice matters, because people matter. Most importantly, I am daughter of the King, and I seek to live my life in a posture that reflects His Son.

I spend my days loving and teaching my children. Inside these four walls, I am raising children who will become men and women, who I pray will be great in the Kingdom. I love to create, and I fulfill this love by writing, cozying my home, cooking and baking, photographing the loves of my life, and looking for beauty in unexpected places.

I steal away moments with books and I have a penchant for words - they move me like nothing else, and I love a strong cup of Ethiopian coffee and conversations that can flow over a shared moment. God just recently called our family to missions in Ethiopia. We have no idea what we are doing, but we are desperately following the One Who does. We are so grateful to be able to be mentored by missionaries with far more experience than we have. We are currently raising funds to move our family to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and we hope to be there by June 2014.

I am passionate about orphans, orphan care, street kids, family reunification, missions, adoption, poverty and justice, as I am learning the heart of the Father is for the "least of these". My life was changed the moment I was adopted into God's family, and I pray that is evident in everything I do and say. The Gospel and Jesus' Kingdom is the heartbeat of my life, and I am learning what it is to live in the posture of Jesus. I am an ordinary, shy, homemaker of a girl being stretched by her Creator as He writes an unfathomable story over my life. I am barely recognizing the face in the mirror these days, but I am so blessed. 

A Moment Cherished is my way of cherishing the every day moments - the here and now - and counting the blessings - the simple and the magnificent- while also speaking out for those who have no voice.

I do this all here and now.... because my life is just a vapor. I am only guaranteed this moment.

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