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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

.A Moment Cherished 10 Most Read Posts of 2013.

This has been such a unique year. Sometimes I blogged through it, and sometimes I shut myself off from sharing here. As I sat down yesterday to journal through some new goals for 2014, writing appeared high on my list. I am hoping to do more, get better, and learn to take the time to share the story of my life. Our family plans to make the big move to Africa in 2014, and with that will unfold many more stories.

These are the posts from this year that had the most reads. These are the ones that you shared on facebook, pinned to Pinterest and emailed me about. Many of these posts I would have chosen as my favorite as well -my heart was spilled out in them, but some took me by surprise.

1. Dear Special Needs Mom
2. For Her 
3. An Open Letter to the Anonymous Guest 
4. Reclaiming the Bride 
5. Why Can't We All Just Get Along 
6. Gena Revisited {Ethiopian Recipes} 
7. Vision Video
8. The Truth Is 
9. A Simple Command or Is It? 
10. Rearranging my Heart and Rethinking Family First 

Thank you for always coming back here, for reading and for investing. For sharing your stories and continually encouraging me to write. I cherish this space, and I cherish you. Here's to 2014 - whatever it may bring.


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