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Wednesday, September 18, 2013


This is my brother-in-law Anthony.

He is married to my husband's middle sister, Joelle, and they have three beautiful boys.

This was a very rough summer for their family. This spring Anthony was scheduled to have shoulder surgery (he suffers from chronic shoulder pain), but when he went in for his pre-op chest x-ray a 10 cm mass was found on his lung. Anthony underwent extensive testing, and at one point the doctors believed it may be as minor as pneumonia - we were on our knees asking God to make it be so. But God's plans have been different than our plans, and as much as we trust Him, this road has been hard.

In July Anthony was diagnosed with lung cancer.

The first treatment plan was surgery to remove a large portion of his lung. However, the surgery was not successful as the cancer was more pervasive than the doctors had originally thought. He then when on to radiation and chemotherapy. The results have not been what the doctors were hoping for. So two weeks ago Anthony began another treatment plan - a very aggressive one. He is now undergoing 5 hour long chemotherapy sessions every few weeks. He had his first round two weeks ago, and he will have the next one on August 26.

While Anthony and Joelle do, thankfully, have health insurance, it just does not begin to cover the medical expenses that are now piling up. My heart aches to watch them fight this disease, and at the same time have to worry about the mounting bills. Anthony has been very positive through this whole experience. Every time I see him he gives me a huge smile and hug, and Joelle has been the one holding her boys and family together. They are at a point in their journey where they need help, though. Jim has designed a special fundraising shirt for Anthony with Anthony's "fighting mantra" on it. Would you please consider checking it out here?

Will you please pray for them? Please pray that this new more aggressive treatment plan will be the plan that works, that God would be glorified, and that He would bring healing to Anthony's body. Also pray for strength and peace for all of them as they battle this.

We are praying and believing that God can heal Anthony. God's already won.


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