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Sunday, May 6, 2012

.Day #6 of 7.

I awoke with a terrible pinched nerve. I suffer these on occasion. Praying to find relief. I can barely pluck out anything on my keyboard.

Today was a good day (besides the pinched nerve and the pain it is causing). Sweet worship and baptisms at church this morning followed by fellowship for lunch (and I didn't even really mind eating my whole wheat bread with peanut butter and apple) and into the afternoon with our mission trip team for Ethiopia this summer.

I feel God working in my heart, preparing me for this life-changing trip. I just want to be a vessel filled with the Spirit.

But before I can be filled I have to empty self.

That is part of where this 7 journey is taking me.

Thinking on that tonight while I wait for my peanut butter yogurt drops to freeze.



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