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Thursday, April 12, 2012


She asked for a tea party so innocently, urgently, and sweetly. How could I say no? Her brothers were napping. It was the perfect time for tea.


She said saucers were a must. I agreed.

She sipped the tea, pinky in the air. I asked her where she learned her tea manners. She replied from my American Girl books.


Of course. I smiled. The books are a constant in her hand. She devours them chapter by chapter over and over.

She giggled and chattered and radiated beauty and light from her eyes.

She is sunshine and girly-ness, a welcome complement to her rough and tumble brothers.

She speaks in a sing-songy voice, and as I sipped my sweet pomegranate tea I willed the moment to freeze for just a moment. I breathed her in and marveled in who she is and who she is becoming.

She is growing up so quickly.


May she never outgrow tea parties.


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