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Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Tomorrow morning we go into the hospital, bright and early, to have Cadi's blood tested again. She is anxious. Her little arms are bruised and sore, and she seems to have inherited Mommy's "love" for needles. If you would, please pray for peace for her.

This morning - a little tummy ache but doing well.

I have been asking God to bring her platelet count up to 10,000. I also have been praying that her count would stay up, that her spleen would stop attacking her platelets, and that we can put this all behind us. A tall order, but I have a big, big God. Mostly I am praying for peace and acceptance in whatever cup God has for our family and our little Cadi. I want her whole and healthy and running around our home again. I want that so, so much. But above all I want to want whatever it is that God has planned out for us. I am not quite there, but it will come.

Grandma brought Cadi a "Prayer Blanket" to remind her of all of the people praying for her. (the photo is poor because she was in bright light and I did not want her to have to move, but it is so special to me.)

Cadi's spirit has been so sweet. Today it sunk in a bit about how much she is unable to do and what she is missing out on. However, she only has moments of sadness and pity, and then she moves on. Her attitude is humbling me. For such a little girl, she sure is teaching me a lot. Cadi spent all morning in her room. We tried to make it a special place - even moving a tv and dvd player in there. We have to keep her away from the boys until her count comes up more. They are a little too young to understand, and I would hate for them to carry the burden of hurting her. (Scotty is at my parents tonight through Friday. He is having a blast with all of the special one-on-one time with Grandpa and Grandma!) Cadi did a little school in between watching Charlie and Lola, putting a puzzle together, and snoozing. This afternoon Jim's mom came and did some painting projects with Cadi. She was so happy.


Tonight she was exhausted and looked it. She is developing a few more bruises that we are watching carefully, but no more nose bleeds or bleeding from her mouth. I pray this indicates good things.


Thank you for your encouragement and for lifting us up. It has been our life-line. Today the adrenaline has worn off from the last few days, and I have reached a pit of exhaustion. It was your prayers that carried me through this day. I could never thank you enough.

Isaiah 43:2 When you go through deep waters,I will be with you.When you go through rivers of difficulty,you will not drown.When you walk through the fire of oppression,you will not be burned up;the flames will not consume you.


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