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Friday, November 11, 2011

.Ten Things No One Shared With Me Before Becoming a Mommy.

10. That cleaning goldfish crackers ground into the carpet would be a daily thing.

9. That I would not be able to sleep at night until I had checked on, kissed, and tucked in each of my children - even though I had done it just a few hours before.

8. That I may as well wear my swimsuit to give my children a bath, because I end up soaked every. time.

7. That some of my best moments are spent on the couch with children all over me as I read and read and read story books.

6. That every time I make my from scratch macaroni and cheese, my children will raise their eyebrows and sigh about it not being from a box.

5. That my camera would get so much use, and that I would have so little time to do anything with those photos.

4. That I would want to teach my children at home, and that I would delight in it.

3. That some days the house will be a mess, dinner will be cereal, the children and I will all wear sweats, and the world will not stop.

2. That chubby hands that reach out for mine and sticky kisses, just for me, could make my heart burst.

1. That life would be this crazy, this loud, this chaotic and busy, and most of all this wonderful.


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