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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

.All I Know.

All I know is what we have been told, and that has really been very little.

I look at him, and he looks so normal, so healthy, so gorgeous, and happy.


But we have been told that he is not normal and not healthy.

There is a war raging inside of our son's body. And I have no idea what that means.

On Monday morning we will begin test after test at a children's hospital with a pediatric neurologist, a pediatric endocrinologist, and a pediatric opthamologist. I want these appointments, and I dread them at the same time. In some ways it have been rather blissful to live in the unknown since receiving Jamesy's diagnosis. In other ways it has been the most agonizing weeks of my entire life.

I have no idea what Jamesy's future holds.

All I know is the One who does.

And for now, that is enough.

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