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Thursday, July 14, 2011

.Summer Luvin'.

I love summer for a myriad of reasons. One being the big pile of books that I read through each summer. The pile is always different, but the love for books remains the same. In the summer I am intentional about reading a lot of books. I have quite a stack this summer, and am continually being stretched by what I read. Some of the books are familar dog-eared ones, and some are new to me. I think even the books that I am reading are being orchestrated by God. He is preparing my heart for something. I can feel it.

One can tell a lot about a person by what books are currently on the night stand.


I think this stack tells quite a bit about me and where I am in my life journey, and where I am striving to be.


What is on your night stand? I may have room to pile on a few more good books.


PS I did not publish a Wedded Wednesday yesterday, as I do not have a new topic. If you have an idea for one email me at amomentcherished(at)gmail(dot)com. Our summer is becoming busy, so I will wait for a topic request before publishing a new W.W.


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