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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

.Did I Mention.

...tomorrow we leave for Kentucky, and I have yet to start packing?

...our tent camping trip was absolutely amazing?

...but getting to the campground was tricky? We got hours lost.

...that the outtakes almost always outnumber the decent shots?


...but our husbands are pretty good with our cameras?

...although I really should have pulled my hair down for these shots?


...yesterday I spent the entire afternoon sitting at my computer writing Cadi's Individual Home Instruction Plan (IHIP) to turn into NY state? I am glad it is done.

...Jim's oldest and youngest sisters came up north last week for a surprise trip?

...and for the first time in years we snapped a photo of all of the grandchildren together...we were just missing Jill and Roy's son, Joel, who is still in Ethiopia?


...Ethiopia is always at the front of my thoughts?

...that my Scotty is at a really fun age, but that I am in denial that he is really turning three in just two weeks?


...we finally have Jamesy scheduled to see three specialists at a children's hospital, so just one more month living with the unknown?

...complacency is suffocating, and I am begging God to make the gospel enough to eradicate it in my life?

...that I may possibly be as excited as Cadi is for Classical Conversations to start up?

...I got my baby fix from holding my sweet nephew?


...this may possibly be one of the busiest summers in a long time?

...being a white mommy with a black child makes it nearly impossible to not be noticed in public?

...the 100 degree plus temperatures that we had last week is exactly how I believe summer should be?

...adopting Jamesy has given me a glimpse of my relationship with God and an even better understanding of it than I had previously with my birth children? of the best gifts God has blessed me with lately is Cadi becoming friends with Joanna's daughter?


Did I mention that we leave for Kentucky tomorrow, and I have yet to start packing?

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