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Thursday, June 16, 2011

.Jamesy's MRI.

Thank you for your prayers covering Jamesy and our family today. They made a difference! My fears about Jamesy fasting were unfounded. God interceded in a huge way and Jamesy woke up happy this morning. He never asked for a bottle or breakfast! I gave him a long bath while Cadi and Scotty ate breakfast, and Jim had everything cleaned up by the time Jamesy came downstairs. Jamesy was a happy boy driving to the hospital, and he seemed to love having his mommy and daddy all to himself!

Overall everything went well for the MRI. Jamesy had no problem with the anesthesia. He went under and came out well. We were a bit frustrated by hospital procedures - in that we could not be with him right away when he woke up. This led to some strong anxiety in Jamesy - screaming, crying, fear, vomiting, etc. He wanted nothing to do with us. We truly feel as if the hospital could have been more sensitive to Jamesy's needs and that this could have been avoided. This was very hard on Jamesy, but it is over and he came home, ate, napped, and is right now playing in the kitchen with Daddy as if nothing happened. God is certainly gracious, and we praise Him.

We are hoping to hear some results as early as tomorrow. Again, thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!



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