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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

We were Submitted!!

Our paperwork was submitted to the US Embassy in Ethiopia today! Our agency is predicting that we will hear whether or not we are cleared for travel or have had our case opened for an investigation sometime next week. We do not suspect that our case would be opened, and we are praying to that end. Once we are cleared, our agency works with us on requesting a visa interview date that best works for us. This is an appointment that we will need to be back in Ethiopia for and Jamesy will be with us for it! If all goes smoothly it looks as if we could be traveling the first or second week of March! Please pray this is the case, as we are wanting Jamesy home by March 15th for his appointment with the pediatric opthamologist.

Thanks for your prayers and support! I hope to post part 3 of our attachment, bonding, and cocooning plan tomorrow.
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