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Monday, February 7, 2011

.Lord, Help my Unbelief.

I have had God teach me more today and the Holy Spirit convict my heart more today than probably in the last month! Our Lead Pastor has been preaching on Pneumatology (the study of the Holy Spirit) for several weeks. These sermons have been life-changing and have made me think very differently about how I have boxed in the Holy Spirit in my life. So maybe my heart is more sensitive to His leading in my life right now because of Pastor's sermons.

This morning I awoke under what I can only explain as a deep conviction from God. I have been not believing Him for the impossible. I have been limiting His power and not believing Him to move supernaturally on our behalf. It's almost as if I had just settled on the fact that He wasn't capable to do this - to move MOWA to get our letter to the judge tomorrow. I have been reading the book Sun Stand Still, and a quote smacked me upside the head. Of course now in my hurriedness as I search for it to share I cannot find it. But this book has inspired me to dare to ask God for the impossible.

Jim and I talked and agreed that this is how we are being led to pray today as our court date quickly appproaches. We are asking all of our family and friends (and that includes you dear readers) to go to the throne on behalf of our beloved son in Africa tonight at 6 PM. We have asked for those living near by to sacrifice their time and come physically pray with and for us - and we have been overwhelmed by the response. I feel so undeserving, and will share more of what God has taught me today later.

One huge thing is that several other AWAA families, in our same circumstance, have felt the Spirit prompting them about this very thing today! I am so excited to see how God moves. Thank you in advance for loving our family - our Jamesy in this way. We are trusting God for the impossible!!




Unknown said...

Praying God will do miraculous things! Praying for you all to feel the Holy Spirit leading like you have never felt him before. PRAYING THAT MIRACLES ARE BEING DONE FOR THIS UPCOMING COURT DATE.
Praising God for what He will do and is already doing on your behalf.
Excited to hear what happens.

Christy said...


Sara said...

Hey Tiffany, I can't wait to tell you how God moved me :)to pray about this very thing on Sunday Night. God is sooooo amazing. I knew, i just knew he had a bigger plan :)

love ya!

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