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Thursday, September 30, 2010

.I Could Have.

I could have written about a myriad of things tonight.

And although

sharing recipes

talking about home schooling

pondering the beautiful way God is unexpectedly bringing some special women along on this journey with me

sharing about the sweet photo shoot I had with a cutie little boy who has autism

or posting the adorable photos I took of Scotty today would have all been great.

I just had a feeling you all might be a little more interested in the fact that it's time.

It's time to move ahead in our adoption process because....

My Our water broke!!!!

That's right after 5 BUSY months our paper pregnancy is over!


Our dossier is out of our hands and will arrive in Virginia to AWAA tomorrow, and hopefully soon we will be DTE (dossier to Ethiopia)!! As soon as we are, we can get in the proverbial line to have our first court date assigned to us, and then we fly to Ethiopia, meet our sweet Jamesy and become his legal parents! We then fly home, wait a couple weeks and fly back over for his gotcha day and our forever family moment along with an embassy appointment. Then it is the moment we have been waiting for....all five of us together!!

Anyone wanna time the contractions?

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HeidiS. said...

YYYAAAAHHHHH!!!! So excited for you guys. Praying the rest of the process is just as speedy!! : )

Heather and Adam said...

Congratulations! That is great. It is an awesome feeling to send that off.

BARBIE said...

Congratulations! I will be praying that the remainder of the process will go quickly and smoothly!

jkseevers said...

Yeah!! So excited for you:) WE are just awaiting our I171 approval, then our dossier will be on it's way, as well. Praying for you all:)

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

So, so excited for you!

brandy said...

What AWESOME news!! THank you Jesus!!! We are praying that the rest of your journey will go quickly and smoothly!

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