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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

.300 for $100 Update.

Back in July we made a plea for financial help here. We have been so amazed by friends, family, and even strangers who have answered our cry for help and partnered with us in our adoption journey. We have also been convicted in this area of giving, and have even now been pursuing ways to help other families. I have heard so many times how adoption is much, much bigger than, and includes so many more people than, just the couple who is bringing the child home. How very true that is! So many families and individuals have had a part in our journey in such a variety of ways. Each of those ways is equally meaningful and important to us. It has been a blessing to watch God use our family to allow other families, who may not be called to adopt now or ever, to fulfill the command of James 1:27 by being involved in our journey. Wow. I am humbled. I am grateful. I am forever changed, as I have witnessed so clearly the hands and feet of Jesus on our behalf.

We promised an update in our 300 for $100 campaign, and here it is. If you did not read that post, we were humbly asking God to lay our need upon 300 people/families to donate $100 for our adoption. He has heard our cries and has moved in the hearts of many. No, we have not met our ultimate goal, but we know that God has it all taken care of. We just put our trust in Him, and believe that He will provide the money when it is time. So this is where we are at (we have not necessarily had this many people per say, as some have donated far more than $100 and some have donated less, and we are also including in this figure our own money that we have saved. But for an easy way to understand we have just made each $100 equal 1 person. Hope that makes sense!)

We are at 119!!!!!!


(Please see the thermometer on my right side bar.)

That means we continue to implore God for 181 more people/ families to feel led to donate $100. The mountain is getting smaller! Jim and I continue to live sacrificially so that we can use as much of our own money as possible, too. God has blessed us in this area, and so far we have met our personal goal (plus some at times!!) of saving $1000 a month of our own money - praise God! The sacrifices we've made this summer all seem so small when thinking of our sweet boy waiting for us and the chance we have for God to use us in impacting him and others for eternity!

While we are asking God to lead people to us that will donate money, we never want you to read these posts and feel pressure to give, especially if you have already given to us! Simply pray on our behalf, please. We have reason to believe (that we can not disclose at this time) that we will need the rest of the money much, much sooner than we first anticipated. While this is so exciting, I will admit to being scared, too. But I know my God will supply this money! I believe He longs to see our baby home as much as we do. We pray that watching our story unfold is an encouragement to other families that do not have the money for an adoption up front but still feel God is calling them in that direction. God will and does fund what He loves! Believe it, cling to it, and step out in faith. You will never regret it!!

Please note, that since we serve such an amazing God it is very possible that we could reach beyond our goal. In the event that happens, Jim and I are convicted and committed to pass any surplus on to another family in the the adoption process that God leads us to. Wouldn't that be incredible?!

Our 300 for $100 campaign continues. If God lays our need on your heart, you can use our chip-in on the right hand side of my blog or email me at (amomentcherished(at)gmail(dot)come for our address.) (Or if you want to donate $5.oo and have a chance to win an iPod touch see the post below!)

Friends, we serve a mountain-moving God. We are witnessing that mountain being moved. I will never forget this. Never.

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Tia said...

That is so amazing! Our God ROCKS! These next few days you should be seeing a little donation from the slings. I haven't had time to add everything up or blog.....or shave (oh that is TMI) but we've been praying and thinking about you and your journey everyday! I haven't disappeared!

Unknown said...

Such WONDERFUL news, Tiffany!! Our God is amazing! Continued prayers and lots of love to you, and your family!

brandy said...

Amen!!! He is a BIG GOD!!!! :) So excited for you all and I can't wait to see the final result of all your sacrifice and God providing!! :)

Simplegirl said...

Love your blog and following. Inspiring indeed. Coming from Blog Frog.

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