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Friday, July 16, 2010

.We Need Help.

These are not words that we have ever had a desire to write. Honestly, we don't want help. We want to do it all on our own. But we desperately need help. We have said for a long time that the Christian journey is not one that should be traveled alone. However, when it comes to money... don't ask. When it comes to hardship... don't ask. The journey we were referring to was "the good stuff." In other words, when God does something in your life that is exciting and dynamic, make sure you tell everyone you know.

Here's the problem: What do we do when we need help?

One of the stated goals of my wife and my journey through adoption is to expose to Believers, those who call on the God of all creation, to the reality that He will move heaven and earth for His orphans. That you don't have to take out a massive loan, or be incredibly wealthy to make this thing happen. That God will move you-to sacrifice everything. That He will move others-to sacrifice some. And in the midst of it all, no challenge: mentally, physically, emotionally, or spiritually will stand in the way of Him accomplishing what He wants.

The Roadblock: Our Pride.

Over and over we have told ourselves, “if He wants to, He will move people.” “If He sees fit, He will motivate others to help.” Here's the reality: That's true. However, our motivation for coming to this conclusion was not deep faith, but crippling pride. So we have committed to swallow our pride and boldly ask people to help. This is not easy for us, but neither was selling our "prized" possessions. The reality is there is a child in Ethiopia waiting for us to be the leaders we need to be, and lead the charge to bring him home. The Bible clearly states we are to bear each others burdens, but in order to give people opportunity to do so; we have to humble ourselves and share our burdens. Carry each other's burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ. Galatians 6:2

So Here's the Deal:

We are going to boldly ask God to burden 300 people to give $100. Then, we are going to ask person after person if God has laid it on their heart to give. We are going to humble ourselves time after time until we hold in our arms that little life that our God and we value so highly. We are also going to try to be that $100 donor several times over for our adoption and eventually for someone else’s (perhaps yours!).

So, we humbly ask: Are you one that God has burdened? Are you one of the 300 privileged individuals God is using to bring our child home? If so, please give... not for us, not even for that precious child on the other side of the globe, but because you are called to Defend the poor and fatherless; Do justice to the afflicted and needy. Deliver the poor and needy; free them from the hand of the wicked. and because Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world. We are not all called to adopt, but we are all called to do something. Maybe this is your something.

Maybe God isn’t calling your family to be a part of our journey financially, and that is okay. Would you still surround us in your prayers? If you feel led would you pass our need along to others – on your blog, face book, or any place else you desire to?

We are getting close to being able to send our dossier over to Ethiopia and that takes a lot of money – a lot, a lot. We also will have a program fee due at this time, as well as future financial needs of airplane tickets (we have to travel twice), hotel stays, embassy fees, visas etc. We know that this amount of money cannot be raised in our own strength or through selling our own stuff. We’ve tried. To think about the amount of money that is still needed is overwhelming to us, but it’s not to the God who owns the cattle on a thousand hills! We long through this fund raising process for God to receive the glory and for this journey to scream His name.

So, we are going to do it.

We are going to ask for help.

We think this pleases God.

Will you please help with the remainder of our financial needs?

Are you one of the 300 people who God will use to give $100?

Maybe you are not, but maybe you have a little that you want to give. God blesses every gift no matter the amount. We have seen that.

Please prayerfully consider whether or not you are part of our journey to bring our baby home for the glory of God. 100% of all donations will be used to fund our adoption. You can use our chip-in on the right hand side of my blog, or you can email at amomentcherished(at)gmail(dot)com for our address if you prefer to go that route.

Maybe God allows adoption to cost so much so that we would truly rely on Him and His moving the body of Christ to be partners in our journey.

With grateful and humble hearts,
Jim & Tiffany

PS If you want to read our journey from my husband's point of view, click here and subscribe to his blog. It's pretty great. {grin}
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Theresa said...

An old friend of mine is currently in the adoption process of a little boy from Etiopia. They just got to see a picture of their son for the first time.

just thought you might be interested :)

Anonymous said...

just posted on my blog...praying for you, friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany,

I will be praying for you and also tried to send what visitors I have your way.

Have a blessed day,

Jodi Jepson said...

I want to encourage you. We are a one income family, at the time of our adoptions we had just enough to get buy so we thought. God provided everything we needed RIGHT when we needed it not a minute before. We adopted three children from Haiti over the coarse of 3 1/2 years. Total cost was around 75,000.00. We did not do one single fund raiser, we never asked for help. The only help we got was 1200.00 from a friend. I am not braging or saying you are wrong just giving God the glory how HE provided. The key is to go without. We did it the whole convience foods, no new hair syles, shoes, clothes, school books JUST MAKE DUE with what you have until your child is safe in your arms... etc...STOP BUYING EVERYTHING...including putting gas in the cars unless you HAVE to go somewhere. God provided all of these things through someone just as we needed it...or we went without...but nver not once did we go to bed hungry. We had 3 bio children all ready at home. We were able to spend hardly anything each year on living expenses and thus afforded our adoptions. Really seriosuly only shop at thrift stores if you have to and cook LOW LOW budget. NO brand names buy cheap everything L soap, toothpaste everything. We never know Gods timing either.... He does not give us the amount of funds we need because it is not time to move to that step yet. Just as conception is planned by Him and we can not change that nor can we change His plan for when our child is to be in our arms with adoption. That day also is allready ordained. God would not allow that to change because of some paper money. Seriously...have reckless faith....persue the next the monies even if it leaves you with nothing left for the reckless trust Him to provide...this is the most awesome way to live.... it is. It will teach you more than you could ever imagine. Adoption is hard once the child is home there is ALOT to deal with attachemnt wise issues ect it is not like having a bio child. The process to the child prepares us for the child. You maybe are thinking that is irresponsible...I can not just give all my money to this can and He will bless you for it...forget the planning ahead...etc etc...just give it all and He will provide. Every cent you have is His only take for yourself what you absolutly must the rest give for your child. We were so dirt poor for 3 1'2 yrs..but the joy we had was amazing even our children were happy to oblige. Then once all the children were home hubby was blessed by God with a 8,000 $ a yr raise...and now we are being called back to adoption and are so excited to answer His call. Many many prayers and BIG FAITH...God wants to prove Himself if you will let Him...many people are watching too so He wants everyone to see just how big He is. Do not fret about the money you need next week. That is to say sorry God I do not buy that you will provide.
He will it is His will it is His bill. Just stop worring about it He will provide if you are willing to sacrifice your
is.home. It helped us alot after being in Haiti( I had to go 5 times Dh 3) and seeing how terrible it was...we came home thinking how rediculous we were to think we had to have sourcream or pop or sugar...we were like HELLO our children are living in an orphanage with only rice and beans and we think we need WHAT????? A wake up call for sure.
In Christ, Jodi

Sandra said...

Here's what I love about your post- you aren't just asking people "to give money," you are encouraging them to support adoption. As you've expressed before, not every family is called to adopt, but every family is called to support adoption. It's a matter of obedience, for adopting families and those who support us.

I know you are making sacrifices; we are too. And we are also being blessed through God using other people to support our adoption journey.

We have story after story of someone slipping us a check at church with tears in her eyes saying, "This is to bring your little boy home." Or being able to share God's love for us with people stopping at our yard sale.

I'm praying that many will respond to your humble request!

Tia said...

Check your email! Been praying a LOT this week as I read this post....God is tugging at my heart!

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