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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

.Keiki Kuddlerz Baby Slings.

Jim and I talked in circles, prayed, and hemmed and hawed about posting our need for financial help last week. A few times after publishing it, I almost pulled the post altogether and went to hide under my covers. But every time I would start to second guess our prayerful decision, God blessed us with some kind of powerful encouragement that reassured us that this was His way for now. And just in case I have not already been abundantly clear, Jim and I are not just sitting here at home living it up, spending frivolously and just expecting others to sacrifice on our behalf. We are sacrificing as much as we can as well, and God is blessing us in some pretty amazing ways! We have never sacrificed this way financially, and it has been .... good, for lack of a better word. Our lives have been changed. I feel as if my longing for materialism has faded so much, and I cannot wait to see the person that God is molding me into emerge at the end of this journey. Anyway, just wanted to be clear on that. {grin} I also want to be clear that we do not expect everyone to give, and we do not want anyone to feel pressure to give. We were just hoping to present an opportunity in which the Holy Spirit could work in people's lives in that direction if He so chooses.

Okay with that out of the way....

One encouraging email I got this weekend was from a long-time bloggy friend named Tia. She is a sweet, Hawaii-living (!!), home-schooling, ministry loving, artistic, creative, Mommy of four! For the last few years Tia has had a business out of her home making beautiful and unique, high-quality slings. She is an avid baby wearer and lover of baby wearing-accessories (is that what you would call them?!) and grew a business out of that. However, Tia and her husband have come to the prayerful decision that at this moment in their busy life, God is calling them to close up shop. They are not certain whether this will be a permanent or temporary closing, so they are trying to sell all of their inventory, as well as fabric and supplies, too.


This is where the encouragement for our family came in. Tia and her husband have so graciously and generously decided to donate 20% of the money from the product they are selling to our adoption fund! I could not even believe it when I read her sweet email. Tia's heart is so big, and I encourage you to add her to your google reader or follow her blog here if you do not already do so. You will be encouraged and blessed.

If you are in need of a beautiful, original and high-quality sling for yourself or another mommy (think awesome baby shower gift!), please go to Tia's site here and check out her inventory. She has clearanced everything, so not only are these beautiful slings but they are on sale too! She is also selling kits, so that you can sew your very own sling if you want to! Pass on her shop to anyone else you think may be interested in her slings.


Tia.... thank you. I have no words....

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Carrie said...

This is great - a lot of babywearers follow me on twitter, so I'll tweet this for you, too! :) I'm checking out her shop right now! :) What an encouragement and a blessing to your family!!! :)

Baby Carriers said...

I have one doubt. Is this accessory considering an allowance for future gain weight?

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