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Friday, July 23, 2010

.Hospitality is {not} a Dirty Word Part Two.

The door bell would ring, and I would grimace as I mentally went through my calendar and schedule for the day. I would peek out the window and grumble.

Why is so and so here? I did not invite her over. Doesn’t she realize I have things to do?

This was my mindset for so long. I would begrudgingly open the door with a {fake} smile on my face praying that whomever had come to interrupt my day would leave soon.

To read the rest join me over at Raising Homemakers today!
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Jessica Kramasz said...

That sounds just like me! I'll have to go read the rest.

Mandi said...

Always look good insight like this... Hospitality is just one of those things we HAVE to work at, eh? Thanks for sharing!

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