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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

.Fall Favorites.

First and foremost before I continue with this post. Please, please pray for Stellan and his family! I was just about sick when I read in my subscriptions this morning that sweet Stellan was back in the PICU in really rough shape. I believe tomorrow is his first birthday, too. If you are not familiar with this sweet babe and his family, check out the site.

I love fall!

Pumpkin spiced candles.

Hot mugs of freshly brewed Starbucks.

Beautiful vivid leaves.

Pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.

My dad's amazing fudge.

Warm slippers.

Caramel corn.

Apple pies.

Staying in with a good book.

Apple crisps.

Apple cobblers.

Crafting for Christmas.

Warm bowls of chili.

Homemade soups.

Snuggling with my family.

Homemade breads - fresh and warm.

Apple cider.

Hot chocolate.

Coffee Cakes.

Mmmmmm... notice a theme?! {wink} There is nothing like a warm home filled with the yummy smells of fall baking and cooking. I love making special foods for my family. I love sharing with my children the foods that my mom baked for me, and I cannot wait to someday pass down the recipes along with the legacies and traditions that go with them.

What is your favorite fall recipe? There is something really special about sharing recipes, don't you think? So why not share with us today. Head on over to my blogfrog community, and share your fall favorites. Don't forget to bring some blank recipe cards, too! I think there are going to be some keepers! {grin}


Anonymous said...

YOU WON! By the advanced scientific method of letting my son pick a name from my cupped hands! Contact me and I'll get the tea tree oil to you!
You can email me on my blog.


2Wired2Tired said...

Great list! I wasn't sure I was ready for Fall this year, but with the colder weather brings all the wonderful things on your list - especially the comfort foods. Delicious!

Mandi said...

hmmmm...your blog is so soothing. And fall is my FAVE time of the year... for all of those reasons you listed above. :) Love it!

rameelin said...

Dude! Your new layout rocks. You should email me and tell me how you did it! LOVE IT!!!
Oh and I love fall more than anything. Well, almost. But I love it so so much and your list made me hungry. But I bet I'd like to visit your would probably feel like home;) Wish I could sip some coffee and visit with you while our little ones played. Maybe someday, huh?

Hyacynth said...

Oh I love fall, too. Thanks for reminding me of some extra reasons!

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