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Friday, May 6, 2011

.Sometimes I Have to Pinch Myself.

Especially when I walk into a room and see this - all three of my children together.


It has been six weeks today that Jamesy has been in our home- safe and sound in our arms - surrounded by his family.


It seems as if this six weeks have flown by and at the same time as if he has been here forever.

The moment Jamesy was carried off of the plane, Scotty stepped into his brand new role as big brother. The shoes fit. He was created for that role.


I get it now. I get why families adopt over and over. It is because they have encountered a real, living, breathing miracle of redemption, as they are able to witness the change in a child, when love and family are finally given to one.

How a child goes from this


To this.


And I now see why I will never lay my head on my pillow again, or look into the eyes of my sweet brown-eyed boy, without thinking of the faces of the countless others whom we left behind. Starving and literally dieing for this thing called family.


The need is huge, even unthinkable and overwhelming. No, we cannot change the life for every orphan, but many of us can change the life of one or two or... And honestly you will be the one truly changed.


I certainly was.

I've heard it said that the need for families to adopt, and for the church to participate in orphan care, is not really that great. How this is just a passing fad. But I know the truth. Every night I hold that need in my arms and rock him to sleep.

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