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Thursday, November 4, 2010

.What I Still Don't Understand.

It's been less than a year since God ripped the blinders off of our eyes and pointed us to our responsibility regarding orphans. I am still so ashamed that I did not see it until then. I wasted a lot of years.

From the moment people heard about our plan to adopt we heard strange things regarding orphan care. We heard how this was the journey God had for us not for everyone. While I can agree that yes, that may be true of adoption it is absolutely not true of orphan care.

Orphan care is not an option if you are a true believer in Jesus Christ.

I have spent a lot of time since January studying what the Bible has to say about this subject. I do not want to preach something that I am not positive is true. I did not have to look far to see God's will for believers concerning orphan care. The Bible is not secretive about it. In the Old Testament alone more than 40 references can be found that show His compassion and concern for the orphaned. (And this is a separate issue from taking care of the poor and needy which we are also called to do!! Although one can argue that if you participate in orphan care you are taking care of the poor and needy, which is true. But visa-versa is not true.)

The reason to participate in orphan care is not because some lady on a blog, or some pastor behind a pulpit, or some video made you feel guilty. No, there should be no guilt felt. Jesus does not ask us to feel guilty. He asks us to do something. From reading the passages on orphans I have easily concluded that a one time act is not what He asks of us either. It should be a life time of care for orphans.

"If we are motivated only by the need, we will run out of gas rather quickly. Our ultimate motivation comes from a God who adopted us as children when we were alone." (Jed Meddefield)

All believers should have a burning desire to care for orphans, not only because it is our biblical responsibility as a believer, but as an overflow of our heart. Because we were all orphans, we were all defenseless, fatherless, without hope, and God adopted us! Don't you get it? Orphan care is an almost perfect reflection of the GOSPEL! Sure it is scary and messy and hard, but our redemption was all of those as well. Our Redeemer sacrificed everything to adopt us. Can we not in return do something to show the world this beautiful living portrait of our adoption?

When God adopted us He made us His own - not like his own. He gave us an inheritance, and He gave us an identity. That in itself should be enough to put a desire in us to mirror this for someone else. Plus He commanded Christians (James 1:27) to do the same to orphans. Adoption should be driven by the gospel. Orphan care should be driven by the gospel.

"The Gospel is not a picture of adoption, adoption is a picture of the Gospel". (Al Molher)

What I still don't understand is why orphan care is still considered by many Christians to not be their calling? I cannot understand how one can read all of the passages in the Bible that talk about orphans and walk away thinking they have no responsibility, that only a select few are called to that. Again, I am not just talking about the beautiful privilege God allows some to have of adoption. I am talking about orphan care in general. And there are so many ways to care for orphans.

I am fervently praying over this month of November as we celebrate National Adoption month. I pray that churches would once again rise up, just like the early church did, and defend the fatherless, speak out, care for, and start adopting these orphans. Our churches should be overflowing with families that have adopted, with ministries supporting orphans, etc. I am praying for an orphan revival. I am praying that this is true in my own church.

We have not been given a choice regarding orphan care, and it's time we stop acting like we have.

Matthew 28:19-20 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.

How can we make disciples and teach them to obey if we are not obeying everything commanded of us??


There are an estimated 860,000 orphans in Rwanda, as last reported by unicef. The 1994 genocide, AIDS, and hard living conditions account for much of that number. This and the photo above were taken from here.

(Right now our hearts have been burdened for children of Africa, but God burdens people's hearts differently. There are orphans all over the world, and right in our back yard that need care. If we all follow where God leads than all of the orphans everywhere will get care. Please do not think that we think Africa is the best place to help. It is merely our best place right now.)

Post Script: I am not the only one that has discovered what the Bible demands of us as believers. Read here.
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Kylee said...

I hope you don't mind if I link to this post on my blog and possibly on facebook too. God has anointed you, Tiffany. He has given you such a clear understanding of what it means to care for the orphan and has gifted you with a writing ability that makes it possible for you to clearly convey that message to so many others. It has been such a beautiful thing for me to watch the transformations in your blog over the past year. I appreciate you!

Susan said...

Thank you for the post. I am feeling the same way. It is nice to see other square pegs out there. I am praying through our blogs, ours and many, many others adoptive momma's out there, that we will be used by God to make more square pegs in the Church than round ones:)

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