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Thursday, July 8, 2010

.Home Again.

We are home again, and are re-acclimating to normal life. We had such an amazing time away, but oh how I missed my kiddos. That was the longest I have left Scotty. I guess it was good practice for when we travel to Ethiopia and leave them behind {gulp}. I have nothing to share from our trip. I just want to keep it between Jim and myself.

While I have nothing for a post today- I have a few in the making for later, maybe next week. I have quite enjoyed this respite. However, I do have three posts that I read this morning that resonated deep inside of me. I pray that you take the time to read all three, and that you are as excited as I am regarding how God is opening people's eyes. That is my earnest prayer for each person reading here and for myself - that my eyes would be opened and never again blinded as they once were.

This post talks about the many children still left behind in orphanages. The statistics that she sites were enough to make me sob.

Is Jesus enough? Read here and find out.

Does God ask us to obey even when it is inconvenient? Click here.

I know you're busy. We are all so busy, but I pray you find the time to read these three posts.

And then let me know what you think. Let's chat.

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Sara said...

So glad that you had a wonderful trip! So thankful that you posted the links to those 3 posts. Very powerful...

techranger said...

Welcome back home safe and sound with many new memories to share. :)

God Bless!


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