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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

.Sum sum summer.

We are feeling our way through what a summer is "supposed" to look like and be like. Remember, my hubby and I have spent six out of our (going on) eight married summers at a summer camp where he was the program director. So the long sunny days that lazily loom ahead of us without any schedules or bells or people is rather....different.

And dare I say lovely? I am embracing this new phase of life with both arms.

I really desire for summers to be a special part of my childrens childhood. We have very special memories of our camp summers together. Why does being home during the summer have to be any different? I want our summer days to look very unique when next to our "rest of the year" days. I have been mulling this over in my mind trying to figure out how to do summer.

Our breakfast has taken on a summer look - yogurt and granola. I am thinking of even adding a few green smoothies once in awhile.

Our dinners have taken on a wardrobe change as well, as I learn to implement summer recipes.

Stuffed green peppers. One of my favorite recipes growing up. The dinner is simple when prepped ahead of time. I cooked my meat and scooped out my peppers a few days ahead.

Of course there are things that still have to be done - like housework and laundry and cooking, but I am going to loosen up a bit on those during the summer. Some nights we may even have ice cream - as our main course. And some days I may skip the laundry and the floors.

Our mornings will be spent lounging in our jammies just a bit longer.


And of course we will read tons of books. I can remember being a child and spending a large amount of my summers getting and reading new books from the library. We went together as a family yesterday. I indulged in a large stack of books for ME! I plan to enjoy every last one of them - guilt free. Cadi and I spent a long time this morning in the sun reading. {bliss} A mountain of books, the warm sun beating on our backs = summer.


I gave Cadi a summer trim today as well. I keep trying to talk her into an inverted bob - to no avail. So we did away with five inches instead. It's not too noticeable, but it is healthier now.


I hope this summer affords me opportunities to continue to get to know Roxie - my sweet camera. I worked on aperture and sunlight this morning and spent time with my daughter in the process. When I focus my lens on her I find my heart tuning into hers as well.



Scotty got in on the action a bit when he awoke from nap. Boy is he hard to capture lately! He is so lively and fun and active!


We were goofy for a bit on our porch swing. Growing up I had a huge pink mirror in my bedroom. We tried to sell it at our yard sale with no luck. It sits on our porch right now. (I think I may end up putting it in Cadi's room after all.)


I love the little hand print smears on the glass.

I love the little children that belong to those hand print smears.

I look forward to what's ahead this summer.

Little toes peeking out of sandals.

Long summer mornings spent with a good book and some iced tea.

Adventures at some nearby parks.

Afternoon walks around our small neighborhood.

Homemade popsicles.

Ice cream for dinner.

Dirty little bodies from a hard day's play.

The smell of sunshine in my childrens hair.

Tucking freshly bathed children into crisp, clean sheets.

Spending time together on Mondays with Daddy.


sun block scented skin,

water balloons,

and bubbles.

Now that's what summer is made of.
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rameelin said...

I adore. ADORE. this post!!! In fact, I even got a little teary as I read your summer list of loves. Those are things I most love too, but with sweet Mabel quickly arriving, I'm finding it a bit harder to find as much enjoyment in the small things. I hate that, so I'm going to purpose to try harder even if I do feel miserable, and HOT. :)
You look gorgeous! Oh & your breakfast looks yummmmmmy.
Scotty's growing, I see:) ♥

Theresa said...

Ooh I am inspired! I may have to make a list of my summer loves...

Jenilee said...

sounds like you have a beautiful summer planned for you and your family! love the ice cream for the main course idea. :) my girls would love that too!

akr said...

Scottie's getting sooo big!!! How is the summer cooking going??

Melissa said...

Love it!

I'm so looking forward to this summer as well. Summer hasn't truly started for us because Megan and Kyle are still in school. They finish next week.

The last couple of years i have sent Megan to summer school, trying to keep her from falling behind during the summer because of her disability. However, this year I've decided I'm not going to do it. I want to have her home. I want to ENJOY summer with HER! it's been too long. Too long we've had to put off family days during the summer weeks because she's in school. I will talk to her teachers and see what I can do at home with her to keep her from losing the things she has gained during the school year. But I'm not sending her back to summer school. She needs and deserves a break from school just like everyone else!

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