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Thursday, June 3, 2010

.My Children are the Greatest.

I know every Momma thinks that, and that's the way it should be. But let me tell you, my children really are the greatest. {wink}

Our world has been crazy here for months now

with Jim's job change,

with financial strains,

with an adoption in the future,

with a crazy yard sale,

with a mommy learning how to open her home and tackle the roles of hospitality

and being a pastor's wife (more on that to come)....

and these sweet children just continue to roll with the punches. It humbles me, as I must confess that I have not been the most intentional mommy. That puts an awful lump in my throat typing those words. Last week I was so busy with keeping up with the yard sale items that on Thursday I really didn't have time to play with Cadi. While I was busy she emptied my dryer and neatly "folded" the clothes onto my couch as she had seen her mommy do over and over again. Then she made her own fun. This is how I found her.


Jim asked me if I reprimanded her and told her the dangers of playing in the dryer. I didn't. I was feeling too guilty about not having the time to play with her. But no worries, we have since talked it over. (On a side note - my mom once dryered her cat! The cat was fine - a little worse for wear!)

And Scotty just continues to be sunshine here in our home. Charming and pleasant and silly. He is getting so big. My heart catches when I think about his second birthday coming at the end of summer. He's no longer my baby, but I have yet to tell him that. {grin}


We are getting out of the house this morning. I am thankful for that. I need a break from crazy. My mom and I are going to a local farm market. I cannot wait to load up on fresh fruit and veggies, that is all I have been wanting since the days turned hot. However, produce is just so expensive in our grocery stores. We will also shop at a little Mennonite store before coming home. The children will enjoy seeing the farm animals at the farm market, and I will enjoy my children.

My back deck is loaded with left over yard sale items, and there are still a few in our yard. I just don't know what to do with it all. The thought of another yard sale does not appeal to me. Our paper work for this adoption overwhelms me, and yet God continues to grant me His grace to plug on.

I am pretty set on the changes to my blog for now (besides very minor tweaking). For about one hour yesterday, I wasted time rearranging the layout. I moved both sidebars to the right, but it just was not looking great. HTML seems to get the best of me. Everyone is moving to wordpress, and makes me wonder if I should to.

Ack. Just blog Tiff. Don't get caught up in the business of blogging.

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Heather said...

That is so sweet that Cadi folded the clothes! I don't think I ever got into the dryer as a child but that was probably because it was in the scary basement. ;-)
Cute picture of Scotty. Brad is still my baby too even though he is almost 18 months.
I'll be praying for you and Jim that you are able to finish your paperwork without being overwhelmed.

Rebekah said...

Your blog is cute, and I wouldn't add another thing to your plate right now - course you're way smarter than me so the Wordpress thing might not be too hard for you to figure out.
Wish I could be there to help you with the stuff left over from your yard sale. Sounds like you have some big things, but will any of the other stuff consign?

Tracy Suzanne said...

I think every Mommy feels just like you do. We regret the time we didn't have for them but there are so many necessary things to get done each day. You can see in those photos just how great a mommy you are. Just look at those cheerful, happy faces! Your kids are so cute.

Have a blessed day. Hugs...Tracy :)

ali @ an ordinary mom said...

"and I will enjoy my children."

Amen! That's so much of what this job of mothering is all about! I try to remind myself of that daily, it even became part of my blog signature a couple years ago... Life is busy, I need the reminder, and I do my best to remind others as well!

Enjoy them-

Isaac said...

Hi Tiffany,

What a wonderful story. Good luck with your adoption. And, just in case you are wondering, my children are the best and I am not even a mom - I'm a dad :-)

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