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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

.Fancy Camera Strap.

My friend, T, came over this morning, and we prettied our babies...ahem....I mean cameras with fancy camera straps. T has mad sewing skills, and hers came out looking so professional - straight edges and lines. While I am a rule-follower normally - just ask my poor hubby! - when it comes to sewing, rules just fly out the window for me! My strap is pretty, and I love it. But let's just say I couldn't sell it! Ha!

This was a pretty easy sewing project. Which is a good thing for me. We used this pattern. (Well, I ended up doing my own thing when all was said and done, but the idea was from there.)


I am thankful for the unexpected friendship we have formed and sharing our love of photography, mommying, and creating.

Thanks Theresa for a fun morning (and you should post a photo of your strap for everyone to see!).


Mich said...

Cute idea.

Love it!

Heather said...

Oh how fun! And that is great that you did it with a friend.
Did you see my strap? I put a post up last week. My mom made it though. I have used the sewing machine- but I am horrible at it! :)

Theresa said...

I thoroughly enjoyed making our babies fancy with you! The word of the week is "Fancy" in our house ;)
I'm looking forward to doing it again sometime!

bbcd mama said...

I just took my first sewing class last night! This looks like a good, simple starter project.

Melissa said...

Very pretty!

Krystal said...

Very nice! I made some a few weeks ago. I brought one to Amanda for her new Canon (I have a Nikon) and low and behold.... Canons have a longer strap. I am going to chop a few up and make them scrappy, then it will all be good.


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