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Sunday, April 18, 2010

.This & That.

We have had such a lovely weekend together as a family. I think we are finally getting into a rhythm with our new ministry, and I love that. We spent our Saturday together as a family. First a slow and easy breakfast listening to The Pond on our local Christian radio station. Is anyone else into that? We LOVE The Pond! We have a few of the dvds, but I so love sitting around our kitchen eating breakfast, listening to a radio show! It's like "the good ol' days"!

Cadi had swim lessons, and we all went along like usual. Then we stayed for a bit at our YMCA's Healthy Kid's day and participated in some of the fun. A quick trip to Walmart (for some fabric to make Roxy a fabulous strap!) rounded out our morning. The children took a loooong afternoon nap. Jim and I napped for a short bit, and then we had a little competitive fun in an edit-off! We both edited 2 photos. And then put them on facebook for our friends to vote on their favorite edit! I won, but just marginally. Phew. {wink}

One of my favorite Saturday night traditions is bathing the children. Yes we bathe them during the week, too! Ha! But it is more rushed. Saturdays are usually relaxed, and Jim and I tag team. I love working together and being together. Scotty just adores his bath, and throws quite the temper fit when he is pulled out of the water. Oy. He is just darling, though, isn't he? I cannot even describe what this boy does to me. Oh boy, am I captivated.



Oh yesterday I was featured on Monica's blog at Pixel Perfect, too! That was fun. You can click here to read my interview if you are interested.

This morning Jim preached a phenomenal message. Wow. It was dynamic, and right on point. He talked about I Corinthians 9 - how Paul was "all things to all people". He made me think so much about evangelism, and what it means, and church programs, and "sacrificing people at the altar of those programs". Just wow. It was such a blessing to sit underneath the teaching of my husband today. Every Sunday is a blessing - our lead pastor and my husband are dynamite. Yes, I may be a bit biased, but I really do think God is doing some amazing things at our church!

Don't forget tomorrow is Monday, and that means another Momentous Monday!! Click here to see last week's blog hop. I was just blown away by the response to this new blog hop, and so touched that you ladies "got it". What an awesome thing to read over 20 blog posts of other women who were intentional, and purposeful with the moments God gave them. I was in tears reading many of the posts. Ladies, you are amazing! Thank you. I know this week's hop wil be just as big of a blessing - please join in and share with us! I will once again try to have the link up by 6 AM.

Until then, my friends, be blessed.

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SomeGirl said...

You have a beautiful blog! I love the main verse and your desire to be intentional with every moment! And your pics are SO lovely as well! ♥ Michelle

bbcd mama said...

Love your new header! Glad you had a great weekend!

croleyc69 said...

What a beautiful post and beautiful pics. Glad you had a good weekend together.
So sorry I didn't get to read many of the posts from last Monday but I did enjoy joining in. This wk I will do better.

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