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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

.Our Kitchen Dance.

There is something so sweet about working side-by-side in my kitchen with my daughter. What started out, admittedly, as more damage-control than anything, has developed into this beautiful harmonious "kitchen dance" between the two of us. I seldom bake by myself anymore, and I really do prefer to have her little body next to mine



growing. . . .

doing our "kitchen dance". She is the true Cadence in my kitchen.

The steps keep evolving as she grows, but for this moment they look something like this:

I measure the flour.

She dumps it in the bowl.

I set out the ingredients.

She counts the measurements.

I give her an egg.

She cracks it. (She is seriously an expert at cracking eggs.)

I pour.

She stirs.


I love the rhythm we have fallen into. I love the memories we are making. I love the sweet treats that I am teaching her to bake for the ones she loves.

Like this one.


Banana Bunt Cake.

I love feeding my family healthy, nutritious foods, but I also enjoy balancing that with a few sweet baked goods. This is one of them. To get my recipe click here.

When we first started our "kitchen dance" it was clumsy, messy, and we were both unsure. Back then my two year old partner was just as eager to please as she is now, but the eagerness displayed itself more in ways like flour spilled on the floor, the chocolate chip bag dumped on the counter, or egg shells stirred into our batter. I wasn't a good teacher at first. I had to grow into my patience and my graciousness with this sweet little wannabe sous chef. But looking back, it was so worth it, to take the time, to allow her to learn the basic steps of our "kitchen dance". Not even a clean kitchen floor can replace those first sloppy moments working side- by- side together.


She is already practicing the steps on her own - just waiting for the day when she will lead and be the Cadence in her kitchen.

But for now I will cling to her apron strings a bit longer. Neither of us have mastered the steps to our final "kitchen dance", and thankfully we have time ahead of us.

(These photos are a few weeks old. There is no baking going on in our home today, as we all have the stomach bug. Praying we are at the end of it!)


Redeemed1 said...

So sweet!

Mandolin said...

This stirs my heart, Tiffany. I have so far to grow in the area of patience and learning to teach Ava and not just allow her to be around. She's so eager to be with me constantly... I loved this post. {welling eyes}

Theresa said...

Great post :) I love cooking with my little sous chef too! Hope you are feeling better soon.

Melissa said...

You inspire me to let my kids help out more! I know they want to, but I so struggle with being impatient with their spills and messes that I tend to tell them no. But I have hope... Maybe if I let them help more often it will get better...less spills and messes, less fingers in the batter, less frustration... And maybe God will help teach me patience in the process!

Julie said...

What a beautiful post. I love your comment about falling into a rhythm. Isn't that was motherhood is all about!

Adventuroo said...

What a sweet post! I love getting my son involved in helping us prep dinner (he's only 3). Such a great way to spend time together and to teach them to cook.

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