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Thursday, March 25, 2010

.Blessing my Husband.

I write so much about my children here. A big part of this blog is cherishing the moments of their childhood and documenting my feelings, my hopes, my dreams, and at times my struggles regarding raising my two darlings. I certainly want to preserve these precious years. But today I write about being a wife. As passionate as I am about being a godly mommy, I am probably even more passionate about being a godly wife. One thing I know for sure is that without being a godly wife, I can never be a godly mommy. I think one of the best gifts I can give my children is the love I have for their daddy.

I love blessing my husband. I love thinking of creative ways to bless him. However, I think it is the everyday, ordinary blessings that really make the difference.


Laying out and ironing his clothes for work each morning.


Making our home a safe, soft, warm landing at the end of the day.


Cooking a meal that he loves.

Folding his laundry.

Making sure he has a fresh towel waiting at the end of his shower.

Purchasing only Heinz ketchup (as opposed to Hunts or a generic).

Getting excited about a NY Giant's game.

Sticking little notes in his lunch.

Changing the bed sheets often because he likes falling asleep in clean sheets.

Prioritizing my time with him.

Being attentive to his needs, his wants, his hopes, his dreams.

Cheering for him, and making sure that I am the loudest cheerleader.

Teaching my children to bless him.


Simple blessings that hopefully express my love to him. Every husband is different. Not every husband will want to blessed the same way as mine. It has been so important for me to learn what it is that blesses my husband. I have learned that the blessing is more beautiful when it is given with a pure heart and right motives.

Not everyday would I choose to bless my husband by squeezing lemons for a pie that is a least favorite of mine, but today I did and I was happy to. I want to always bless my husband and never curse him. I pray for this daily.


How do you bless your husband?


Melissa said...

I am like you... I want to show my husband love in all the ways I live... homemaking, mothering his children, supporting him in his job, enjoying his hobbies even if they are not mine. But recently I realized that it wasn't working that good. He wasn't really seeing a lot of these things as expressions of love, but more of what I was supposed to do and enjoy doing (I really do)... then we sat down and took our love language test... My love language was acts of service, and his was physical touch. We talked about it and realized we were both trying to show each other our love how we want to be shown love... And we were kind'a confusing each other. LOL. Anyway, so I'm trying to be more touchy feeling. Not get so caught up in what I'm doing that my husband's flirtatious touching annoys me. It's like rejecting his love... anyway, It's a journey this marriage of ours. We have our joys and struggles as you already know.... Thankfully the joys these days are more than the struggles!

Heather said...

I so needed to read this post tonight. I really need to work on blessing my husband. Sometimes it is hard for me when I don't "feel the love" emotionally from him. But, that is no excuse to fulfill my calling as a wife and bless him.
I can make sure the house is cleaned every day....dishes, laundry, bed, vacuum. I need to work on this. Also, taking care of myself and eating right. I'm a snacker and a chocoholic. :)
Ok, I feel like I really need to work on blessing my husband. I am thankful that I have tomorrow off from work so I can work on this.
Thanks again for writing this post.

Mandolin said...

Good stuff! This is on my mind all the time - especially being married to a "ministry man". A friend of mine a few years ago challenged me to make our home an "oasis" like you mentioned... a soft landing. That is so true, and SO difficult sometimes. Especially when we feel like our own needs are just hanging out for someone to care for. Good challenge!

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